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Jun 13, 2003
So, I was talking with Bob Devoiroux at the round up about the alaska cruiser trek he went on last summer. Next one is summer of 08 starting about 5 July or so. We would need to leave Texas 2 weeks out to make the trip up.

Any one interested is heading up?
This one has been on my wish list for awhile, I'm in.
Roger what ya gonna drive? Not the beast with 2 backs I hope!

lets try and get a white trash plan moving in that direction. I am thinking of driving up on 33 ATs then having some 36 TSLSXs waiting for me up there then sell them when I leave. Bob said that 35s were jsut not really big enough!
Roger what ya gonna drive?

Its over a year away, may trade trucks by then but will tow FJ-40 and would probably have room for your tires. If we can get a few of us with 2 car goosenecks some of the people that are short on time might be able to fly up.
Doesn't Canada have a Sheriffs Dept. or sumthin'?

Might need to arm ourselves for said invasion... I'll bring the backbacon.

I am pretty confident that if you yell at a Canadian loud enough they will give you the key to the city; hell they only have one or 2 big towns.
It's kind of vaguely on our agenda. Drive the Tacoma to Seattle, pick up Katherine and the kids and head to Alaska. Maybe come back on the ferry. Lots of details to be worked out though. Detail #1: whether Mark would let a Tacoma on 33s in.

Well then, I guess we'll have to ride with you. Better extend your 40's wheelbase though. :D

The last time you boys tried invading we burned your presidents hacienda in Washington down.:D But we will welcome any friendly visitors, especially those with landcruisers.:grinpimp: After all we are the largest suppliers of energy to the U.S.A. and we do like to keep our customers happy.:D Besides if you fill up in Blaine Washington you will need fuel about Williams Lake B.C. thats about where the fuel starts to get exspensive.:D
I sorta envision Canada as giant wheat fields with random small towns made from igloos.

Rumor has it they dont shake hands; they rub noses.
So who is serious about this?
I am, looks like about 4200 miles.
Looks like I will leave out in late JUNE actual date TBD based on when the ACT starts. I will have room for a passenger who can ride up of meet me there or on the way. After the ACT I think I will head north to the Arctic Circle and Prudhoe Bay. On the way home I hope to stop in Yellowstone and fish for a week os so then down to the Sab Juan mountians in COlorad and back through Elwood then back home.

I was thinking about a shakedown cruise to Big Ben National Park the week before the round up next March.

The Big Gay is being modified now. Just got the 11x16XZLs on order and the sawzall is comming out in a week or so.
I will most likely stop in Seattle either going up or coming back from the ACT.

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