leaking injection pump?

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jzilla said:
Hi everyone,
I have a leak somewhere on my injection pump, i think, the diesel is wrecking my engine mount, any common areas for the pump to leak?
It's just hard to see where it might be coming from.

Check the discharge nozzles, I've had leaks there before.
bottom of the hand primer?
I would check the rubber fuel lines into the pump 1st.
Otherwise clean the whole pump thoroughly ,let it warm up and pat it down with tissue paper until you find a wet spot.
mine was just doing the same thing, took the fuel primer pump off and fliped the copper o ring tightened it back up and no more leak. I don't think I tightened it enough the first time. The threads are course and with all the vibration it gets, I'm surprised more don't leak.

I would look at that first anyway.
brownbear said:
bottom of the hand primer?

to votes but in my case not at bottom, I had years agoo at top. Well you know between the iner and outer cilinder ( 2H engine not sure in the 3B engine have the same config )
The hand primer is also common, I've had the beginnings of a leak there.
thanks for the suggestions,
so i tried taking a better look, it looks as though it might be coming from the primer pump, possibly the base of where the handle attaches.
Might be coming from a gasket underneath the pump, it's hard to tell, i tried to wipe everything dry so i can have a better idea next time.
I used a mirror but it's still hard to check.
oh well guess i'll keep trying!
thanks guys
I change the plastic gasket in my pump... no leak any more
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take the primer pump off and if the copper o ring comes loose flip it around and tighten back down, a new O ring is a good idea. probably just rattled loose.

the primer pump comes off with a 19mm wrench I believe
ok so it looks like it might be the pump after all, im thinking that the air from the fan is helping to spread the fuel to other places.
So if i unscrew the pump handle the copper ring is there??
use a 17mm wrench (I think) and you can turn the base of the primer with that, there is a spot at the bottom of the primer. (it can be hard to see but is there)

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