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Mar 1, 2010
Albuquerque, NM
I am trying to figure out where this leak is coming from and what it is. Oil is the obvious answer? I degreased and drove about 20 miles. The gold speckles are the leak (pics 1 and 2). I also included an oil pan and tranny pan pic. Is my tranny pan missing a bolt or should that hole be open? I couldn't imagine it being there with nothing in it? Also no real wetness on either pan. Thanks.
what you call the "tranny pan" is the clutch inspection cover. There is no oil behind that pan. I don't remember if a bolt goes in the open hole, but seven bolts total should hold it on.
Thanks 2mbb for correcting my rookie mistakes in terminology:D. The area behind the oil pan is dry and the drips are post-degreasing?
If you remove the clutch inspection cover (yes, a bolt is missing) you can look at the front of the flywheel (engine side). If it is dry, it is likely that your rear main is not leaking. The most common (IMHO) leak in this area is the oil pan gasket.

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