For Sale Landcruiser 12ht engine + h55f

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Jan 19, 2010
The Netherlands
Toyota landcruiser hj61 12ht engine for sale.

Good running engine complete with h55f gearbox.
I used this car for a 2500km trip in Scandinavië last week. Engine used no oil during this trip and had a very good fuel economy (9.5L on 100km fully packed) gearbox runs smooth as well.

Engine is still in the car. So I can do compression test if required. I will try to upload some video's later.

Engine will be sold with all the parts to make it fit in your cruiser like radiator, airbox, starter, alternator (24vdc) engine mounts etc. (12vdc conversion possible)

Total price 4500usd

Engine is located in The Netherlands. Crate shipping to any port in the Us will be around 750usd.

Interested. Looking forward to seeing some videos and compression numbers.

How many miles on the engine and trans?
Also interested. What port are you shipping from? Amsterdam? Rotterdam?
I am pretty sure freight from Rotterdam comes into the port of Detroit which is a short drive for me.
Sending p.m.

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