LA to Yellowstone and back - what to see on the way?

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Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
Hi guys

I'm planning a 17 day trip next June from LA to Yellowstone Natl Park and back (hopefully) in my camper 80. On my way north, I'll stop in Las Vegas NV, Salt Lake City UT and West Yellowstone MT. Southbound, I'd sleep in Jackson WY, Rock Springs WY, Vernal UT, Provo UT, Las Vegas NV. Any advice on what to see beyond basics (YNP, Tetons, Flaming gorge...) ? Tnx.
re dinosaur stuff in vernal do not repeat do not fail to go to the back side of the dinosaur park and down to echo park. thats a must...the rest is nothing compared to that. do a google search for it and check it out.

when in y'stone be SURE you go up the lamar river valley to cooke city. best part of the park by far! there are plenty of places there i could lead you to including hidden hot springs etc but just pick a trail and start hiking. one very cool one runs up behind the intersection of the main road and the lamar river valley road; you access it from the trailhead at the petrified tree

also stop in at bills expresso/bike/ski shop in cooke city and say hello from jah bill and let him know im passing through this fall too!

and dont neglect to take the chief joseph hiway from cooke city down to cody of the most beautiful roads you will ever travel.

one love
jah bill
FZJFillmore: I already visited Zion and Bryce last fall and plan to focus on WY and northern UT this time. But thanks for the info.
-Thermopolis (sp?) a small town with some developed hot springs on the east Slope of the Wind River Range..

-The Wind River Range for that matter...

-You can drive to the top of Mt. Logan outside Logan UT and sign the log book, quite a view...

-Float the Snake River outside Jackson

-If you've done Bryce and Zion you could venture further east into Utah on one leg, Escelante, Goblin Valley, San Raffial Swell (sp?)...

-You could drive across the Great Basin (central Nevada) and see a whole lot of unoccupied country..
what is your route up?
I did this route, sorta a few years back.
Went to Portland via the 5, camped for 3 days, spent three there at the Brew fest, then went 18 days camping from there thru Spokane, BillingsMT to Y'stone, thru Jackson, WY. (snake river brewing is a must stop) then down into SLC, over to Tahoe on the 80 and then home the 395 to the 126.

I have about 2 gigs of photos from that run, awesome!

In Y'stone your drawers will come in handy. EVERYTHING must be in a bear box or in the vehicle at night.'ll see the hall of fame coolers on the wall when you pay your fee's that were shredded by paws of fury. And they patrol quite a bit.

Clinton Montana...go there and fish.
My route up is the lame I-15. I don't have lot of time and want to take advantage of the wild areas as soon as possible.
Yellowstone is over rated.... shoot for Glacier!

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