KOH - Live coverage now is really good

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Really good 720P streaming and the guys are hitting the good stuff today (Jackhammer, Chocolate Thunder, etc). I'm at work, but am lucky to not to have to miss it:


:beer: Ramon
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I've been watching, when I can. Got about 20 high school friends out there texting me pics and video also. 3 friends from high school are racing in it.
cheer on Badossian Racing 818 if you see them..... great guys I remember what that blazer looked like stock





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Aww damn.... looks like he's out of the rig and done. Just saw this on the live feed. Chocaloate Thunder has done him in. Looks like he shredded a tire at some point also.

They were talking about him earlier today - but I was only half listening. Hate he got bested, but that place is a true rig killer.
Mike Bergman in the 4492 lives in Durham. Great guy and kick ass rig, just has to work some more bugs out of it.
Seems like that pic above was vapor lock and they were going again 20 mins later.... ultimately a broken motor mount what messed up their linkage did them in, or made them call it not wanting to do any more damage at that point.

This is the recap from their Jack's facebook page

"A flawless first lap and we were running top 50% pace without trying. It was looking good, passing the “top guys” and watching rigs flip and setup camp trying to follow in the blazers wake. A good story is when we past Tom Wayes “eating popcorn” while he was broke on HWY19/20. With a perfectly good bypass line to his left, I guess he really didn’t want to be the only one not to finish so he was guiding racers to the right through a section that im pretty sure was NOT the trail. What a prick haha, still my favorite guy in the series cuz when we entered the line he was guiding, there were 3 or 4 trucks behind us, sure enough that’s the last of them we saw all day LOL. The Blazer is a frickin monster and Tom Wayes and the guys behind got to see it come out then.
After making it through the “Wayes” bypass we past numerous broken, crashed, and flipped rigs finally making it to pit 2. The guys were on point and we were in and out quick. Slip yolk was cool to the touch, still had grease, and was not sloppy. In a lot of ways the race was won at that point. The new cooler was working better than expected and we were having a blast and had already beat a lot of guys. Jack was driving the BEST he ever has. We were going fast and smooth. The race was looking good and we were at the sweet spot of the race that we had picked up positions, others had DNF’ed and we could finally start racing.
Shortly after pit2, as it happens, we got a flat. My thought is that we didn’t puncture the tire but hit something hard enough to bend the beadlock ring letting the tire slowly deflate then it got torn up. We pulled to the top of the trail to a clearing to change the tire. Jacks new air system and impact worked awesome, a few minutes later we were rolling. Guess it was also cool that they were flying the film chopper around us, live broadcasting while we changed it, makes it feel like more the movies lol.
Back rolling over people like a boss we finally got to what we had all dreaded “JackHammer”. We cleared the first section without a hitch and as we cleared the waterfall we saw our race disappear along with the rest of 90% of the field. Over 2.5 hrs waiting in line just to winch as ordered by Dave. No alternate lines that were safe or usable without getting red carded, so we just had to wait to get through it. The only cool thing that came of the Jackhammer mess was that at one point the Blazer was the only rock that could hold. There were FOUR cars with taught winch lines, all stuck on different obstacles and going full-retard. Although it didn’t seem like much, there effectively was close to 40K lbs pulling and bouncing on her, which may have led to some of the failure not long after.
Clear of Jackhammer we ran the few trails leading to Chocolate Thunder. Usually it’s a cake walk for us but trying not to jinx anything I heard a few unsettling noises leading up to it and kept my mouth shut. Sure enough the motor starts to miss. After the long heat soak session at Jackhammer our fuel system began to overheat and we were starting to vapor lock. With hardly any power we cleared all but the last obstacle where she just didn’t want to run anymore. We had to sit on the trail and wait for about 20min for thins to cool before we could get going again.
Finally clear of Chocolate thunder is where the wheels finally fell off. We knew the race was over by account of time due to the traffic jam at Jackhammer but we were still having fun and wanted to go the distance DNF on time or not. The truck started poping in and out of gear. We had been here this season every race. Broken tranny we thought. We started inspecting and to Jacks delight the tranny was still in one piece. It had to be something else, Jack ended up finding the motor mount broken which then broke the linkage. The stubaxle was also punching out the u-joint, and our fuel system was still overheated. There was no way to make it to next pit without the truck 100% and no sense in braking the truck more just to try and get there all to just DNF. It was a smart call by Jack and we called it after about 9 hr. midway through 2nd lap. "


crazy Carl from Alaska offroad warriors




The offroad design buggy/truck.... I remember when this thing was full bodied also. Offroad Designe makes the best full size chevy suspension systems by far

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