knuckle alignment tool in az

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Aug 14, 2005
If anyone in the phoenix area has the knuckle alignment tool i could use some help getting the front end shimmed. Ofcourse there would be a form of payment, whatever ya want that makes it worth while! thanks. I am specifically located Tempe, az.
i'm renting one from mr. toad on here. paying him 25$ plus shipping. still hasn't arrived yet, but should be here on the 9th. i'm gonna try and use it and ship it back first of next week, but you know how that goes.
I will be doing the same thing in a month. 85 fj60 outers on 74 pig axles. Does anyone have a pic or specs. I want to make one here in the shop when I finally get around to the project.
Just a thought, If you did remove the shims and keep them in EXACT order you should not need a tool If you removed and threw over shoulder then you will need it.
thanks for the reply's. 350-78landcruiser, do you have any experience with using the tool?

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