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Mar 30, 2009
Got it. I ordered it from CruiserParts. $150 for a used cable. Is this typical for Toyota to drop parts like that?

Unfortunately, yes. I guess it's a supply/demand issue. Maybe you're the only person that ever had an issue with one. Thankfully most of the parts I've needed lately can be found new in the Middle East or @NLXTACY or used from one of the fabulous vendors or members on Mud.
Oct 14, 2020
Charlotte, NC
I scoured the "Parting Out" section and found a kickdown cable from @TurboDennis who overnighted it for me. Next time, that is where I will go first.

Anycase, I removed the old cable (had to drop the crossmember to get to the little bolt on the cable) and installed the new one. Works great. Cable engages and pops back just like it should. It was a frustrating job, but I am glad that it is done. Tomorrow, I will fill the transmission with ATF, flush the rest of the system, and give it a whirl.

Unfortunately didn't get pictures of the process. However, I would suggest that you start cussing before hunting that little bolt. I ended up having to get both arms around the transmission and get that bolt by feeling for it.

Here are some pictures of the cable that I removed. I dont think any amount of lube would have done this cable any good.
May 20, 2009
Canby Oregon
The cable is broken at the joint. When you press the gas pedal, it engages the kickdown. When you let go, it does not return. I have the transmission pan off and can see it. When I jiggle the cable at the top it sometime returns. I have to wiggle it at the break above the cable clamp.

I am thinking that I can lubricate it all I want, but sticking at the spot where the cable housing broke is still going to be an issue.

Strange that this part is not available. Neither new nor used. ?????

Go to a speedo shop they usually make throttle cables too and bring in your kick down complete and have them make one, and if they cannot try Promotion motor cycle parts they make custom cables too and I am sure they could fab something up, but you need to send in your cable if there are any special parts .
Dec 4, 2020
My adventure with the transmission on my 1997 FJ80 continues. I used the flat scraper on the oscillating tool to make a small spot to get a thin putty knife in and was able to run it around the edge to clear out the FIPG.

Since my kick-down cable sticks (it does not return), I bought a new cable and was planning to install it. On closer inspection, I saw that the cable had separated here at the arrow and is catching.

View attachment 2485866

However, when I got under the truck, I realized that I had an issue. This is what the end of the new cable looks like. It is the Toyota OEM cable.
View attachment 2485865

This is what the connector of the current cable looks like. They obviously look different. Plus I dont see an easy way of getting that cable out of there short of completely breaking it apart (which will be a challenge with the angle that it sits in).
View attachment 2485867View attachment 2485871

Any suggestions / help?
What's the length on that cable?

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