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Mar 5, 2014
Tucson, AZ
89 fj62. I've had idle problems. Again! I took the egr out and cleaned it, used a new gasket but I'm still idling around 650 hot in park, in gear 500 to 550. Bounces back and forth the needle kinda twitches. And the truck shakes. So I sprayed carb cleaner around, no apparent vac leaks. I pulled the harness off of the tps, freshly adjusted per FSM BTW, and it idles solid at 1100 and 800 in gear. Solid, no twitching or bouncing, nothing. So correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking my tps is on its way out.

I had about 2 weeks of the engine running perfect, idled at 750 in p and 650 in gear.

I've also changed the thermostat and gaskets recently and added a used new cold start timer switch which I've tested and it checked out, but I've also ran around with it unplugged and plugged, no difference.

Things seemed to go bad after the new timer switch but, I think its a coincidence as I've tested it by FSM spec and by plugged and unplugged.

Any input? Appreciated.

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