Just pulled my running boards off..

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Mar 22, 2007
San Ramon, CA
I just pulled my running boards off today, finally...

but now the black plastic part that cased around the end of the running board and on the front tire flare looks horrible with out the running boards so I took it off and left the back ones on because they acutally look nice..

Anyway, Wondering what I should do there, is it possible to get a cap that doesnt have the running board hole?

Pics will come later :D
Click on my ROTW link and see how I trimmed the end caps to "look" right.

You can buy new pieces with mud flaps but that wasn't my cup o tea.
slee offroad used to sell caps. not sure if they still do.

you could always find front mudflaps and trim them...
Can I buy your rear caps, the ones that hang down below the doors?

Edit: Woops... probably not. I just re-read that you like the back ones.

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