Just Finished Coolant Flush Question

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Jun 2, 2006
Long Island
I just finished the long over due coolant flush for my LX 450. Flushed as per directions on this site, replaced upper and lower heater hoses and by-pass hose and thermostat (thanks cruiser Dan). Filled with 50/50 mix of red Toyota and ran for some time. Everything seemed fine but after about 20 minutes of running the lower hose going to the thermostat housing never got hot. Is that normal? Which way does the water flow in the cooling system? Does this mean the radiator is working well? I will be replacing the fan clutch in the morning. Thanks to all.
the coolant goes out of the engine on top/side going to the rad in the upper big hose. So that one will be the hotter of the 2. The lower one should be colder. Still you should feel it more than at room temperature with engine running warm, I'd think. But you will only feel it going substantially warm after the thermostat opens up. Should take less than 20 mins at idle, though, IIRC. You'll feel the upper hose get suddenly very hot when the thermostat opens up.
Is it possible that you didn't wait long enough for the tstat to open?
Or else you have a terrific rad...
Never went over 1/2.

Actually, what I meant was: Did it come up to temp. as usual, or just stay down at the bottom?

I've seen folks not get enough coolant in, turn on the rig, and finally figure out (from the temp. gauge just sitting at the bottom) that there's in fact too little coolant to get any circulation.


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