Wanted Junk or Not, Cheap FJ60 Transmission, B.Housing and All

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Feb 9, 2008
Orange, Ca, USA
United States
I am looking for a 4 Speed Trans (I'll take a 5 speed too:grinpimp:), bell housing, clutch, pressure plate, etc. I need these things to produce an adapter plate for a M.B. diesel conversion.


Heck, I'll even rent them from ya and give them back when I'm done.

I'm located in Southern California, in the city of Orange.
i have everything you need in stockton norcal. come and get em.

georg @ valley hybrids
Refocusing on this again and still looking for a local (Southern Cali, sorry georg) trans/bell/clutch/pressureplate.
Burbank close enough?

If you've got other cruiser parts, I also do trades.;)
That's plenty close.

I can always use the running gear I have once the conversion pieces are complete so even non-operational transmission and accessories are fine as long as it's all straight. And I'd be happy to return them when I'm done, if you like. Alternately, considering that the unit I have is the pre-'85 stuff I might be interested in a post-'85 unit with spacer(if you've got it) so that I can be sure to make adjustments for either H42s, an H55 or A440 if needed.

I have nothing exciting to offer in exchange other than the stuff below.

1. Any fabrication work you might need.
2. The current, running 2F engine and any other parts left over when I'm done with the conversion.
3. A conversion "kit". (If I have to build a conversion plate, custom oil pan, engine mounts, etc for the OME817 you can have a copy at the cost of the materials, once I build jigs)

FYI: I've been a machinist (tool and die design/repair) and fabricator for 18 years so I don't build junk.
I can haul this stuff down to the San Diego swapmeet Saturday.............IF...........you call me TOMORROW to have me take in home from the shop in my pickup. Friday will be too late.
Sorry, I did not catch this until just now, 2/7. Don't worry about the drive, I work out of Long Beach and I'm all over LA for work. I'll contact you a little later in the week to see what we can work out.

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