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Feb 17, 2005
I see now, @shmukster, why you do the cabin!
AC, towels and sheets provided, shower, s***ter, fridge, dig it!


Apr 20, 2003
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Yes indeed it was a very good day of wheeling yesterday. Hats off to Andy for a great selection of trails for the day- amazes me that he can find trails that I've never been on (or at least don't remember!). And thanks to Crusha for the ride (as usual). Our club's green trail rides are awesome- Andy ramps it up a bit here and there to let drivers expand their understanding of jut what their trucks can do. I saw it many times yesterday, and that is one of the things that makes our club attractive. Looked like a mini swap meet, too, at times- tires and wheels, winch, third members, auxiliary light kit, service manuals, don't know what all changed hands in the staging area!

We had more rigs than usual, talked about splitting into two groups but then decided to just head out with a long string. It worked out very well. I believe we had two 4Runners, one nice FJ Cruiser, Rick's 40, two HDJ81's, Aaron in his diesel 62, Jody in his 100 series, and a few 80 series. If I miss anyone excuse my piss poor memory. We got out of the staging area till about 9:30 after the hordes of jeeps and rovers had departed. Had a surprise when there was a park employee at the gate to enter the park who was checking wrist bands! seems people were bragging on Facebook that they never paid for passengers at Rausch and the park is now tightening up in that area.

I can't tell you what all trails we did because we covered a lot of ground and as I said before Andy selected some trails with which I wasn't familiar. We did go down the power line trail- first time for me as I've always just gone up it on my way out of the bottom section. Two brand new looking Chevy trucks tucked into out group for a short while- until they saw where we were going then then bailed. Had some traffic issues with jeep groups but nothing to get pissed about. All in all it was a great day on the trial. Had some sun, had some clouds but the rain and thunderstorms stayed away. Couldn't ask for much more for a club wheeling day!!!!
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Dec 16, 2014
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Really nice to see some older faces yesterday and meet new. It’s been too long and was nice to be out again. Gary asked me at one point how the truck was doing and I replied, “The truck is doing great, it’s the driver that sucks!” Thanks to Andy for the trail selection. I know it was not the usual mix but it was perfect for me being that it was my first time in the new truck.

Nov 1, 2009
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A green trail ride with actual Green Trails ... what a novel idea. Great day wheeling as usual and thanks to Andy for leading and Greg and Gary for tail gunning.

Not a huge amount of pics and most of them all have the back end of Rich's 4Runner since he was directly in front of me all day. I wonder if I will ever stop being amazed when I see what near stock 40 series are capable of doing. More words is like reading Playboy for the articles, it's nice and informative, but pics are better.

Possibly the biggest obstacle of the day, some triple tier rocks on an incline. Andy showed the way, then Avi and Dave (@crawyota) made quick work of it.





Nov 21, 2007
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Awesome Day Out!
Great to get some fresh air, see everyone and hang out away from home!
I want to thank everyone for coming out and being patient and waiting for Andy, Rick, and myself.
Yesterday was the first time towing with the Tundra and using trailer that is not mine, I learned a lot in what I want for my own trailer and that I am comfortable towing with the Tundra once the load is set right.

Big thanks to Andy again for the trail selection, and Greg and Gary for tail gunning. It was a smooth day!
I don't have any pictures myself, but once my buddy Woody that was riding with me is up and about and can go through his video and pictures I will have some to post, he is probably still sleeping, I just go up myself, both of us were running on 4 hrs of sleep from working the night before! I don't know how many more times I can do that!
Nov 1, 2009
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Bonus @Rics4rnr montage



Yota version of the low rider 3-wheel motion

Do you want mud circles on the driveway?!?!?

Because this is how you end up with mud circles our your driveway ...

My only disappointment from the day was that it didn't pour down raining on the ride home and clean off my truck. Great seeing people again (yes Gary, I am Chris .. lol) and meeting several new faces. Hope to see you all again soon for more trails.

Seems my rear locker is still hit and miss right now, but I do not feel like spending another fortune to replace it and also don't need another repair project atm. I will try to verify that when the light does come on solid that it actually engaged or not.

PS - Shout-out to @VBRoamer (my personal trail guide and spirit animal). You were missed. You would have loved this day. Stay safe and may you and your wife remain in good health. Looking forward to seeing you on trails again when Covid-19 is in the rear view.

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