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Feb 3, 2015
Fresno CA
Hello everyone im new here. Names Mitchell nice to meet ya'll

Ive had this Truck for over ten years, It was my first ride and high school stomping truck.

In 2007 it blew a head gasket and i was going to college, then starting a family so it sat.

Now it has fresh 22r and is running good so im on to the fun stuff.

Right now, im doing a high pinion up front with a nice gusseted axle.

A ifs v6 rear with Yukon air lockers front and rear.

Dual case with 4.7s

high steer 25 mm pin upgrade.

and all pro front bumper and sliders

btw that v6 rad is awsome she does not ever get hotter than 180
Sounds pretty damn awesome to me. Axle looks awfully nice with all that support on it.
Hers an update, I failed smog again so i had been thinking about swaping the motor w/a motor i got from dime a few years ago it has less than 20,000 on it.

So i sealed it up and slamed it in last weekend. I tried to smog again and it was much,much closer but still no go.

Any way marlin is looking it over today and im hoping he finds the issue, Cause im stumped and its driving me crazy. It runs great just a little rich according to the smog guy.

So we all know the little spread nut deal on the trim on the base of the doors correct. Mine like most fall off from time to time due them being quite old and worn out. so i went down to napa and found some inserts for the square holes in the cab. And cut off the spread deal. Now the dont fall off ever

Check it out

Can you post the part number from NAPA? Mine fall out too.
Excellent, thanks. On my "List of stuff to buy".
Hey Mitchell, I'm watching you.:popcorn:
Us mud haters like lots of pictures... keep'em comin.
What gear ratio did you go with?

Gary in Coalinga
ha man this thread got left in the dust months ago hahaha Ill bring over al the pics from the marlin forum. Ive been wheeling this truck for 5 months now. Its 80 time!

got my lights mounted and bumper installed going to paint it next week with the shock hoops
T-case build time 4.7 23 spline. 30 spline shafts f&r the 30s are used but in great shape!

Coming along

Rear case done Woohoo
Ok so i suck at keeping up with the build thread so heres the last month or so of work

Chromoly rear axles cut down and beveled.

Me pressing them in with new bearings


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