SOLD Jonesboro, Arkansas - 1999 Toyota Landcruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
Outside Link
$4400 OBO.
Posting this for my brother. This has been his daily driver for the past 6 years. He just bought a newer tundra, only reason for selling the cruiser. PM me to get into contact with him, or follow the outside link to his Facebook listing for it.

Let me preface this ad by saying, if you are looking for a clean bodied cruiser to build into an overland rig or to replace a daily driver, this probably isn’t the rig for you. This was a northern truck and has substantial rust and needs some TLC. However, this is a great candidate for a hunting rig, trail beater, etc. Everything known about the truck is stated below. It does run, drive, and stop. Ha!
  • I think he was trying to win the contest for having the most stickers on a truck.
  • Windshield will need replaced. Cracked in multiple places.
  • Truck was in a fender bender on front right corner. No frame damage. Will need a new fender, headlight and blinker assemblies.
  • Factory Rear locker. Doesn’t engage. Light blinks on dash but never engages in diff. Could be as simple as taking the actuator out and cleaning it up.
  • Heat and AC both work, however the AC has to be charged a few times during the summer. Rear AC lines have been cut and capped.
  • Have to fill radiator with a quart of coolant a week. There is no water in the oil and the motor doesn’t run hot. He isn’t sure where it is leaking to. I haven’t personally investigated this issue so I can’t say for certain what is causing the coolant loss. With that being said. The motor runs strong and has no misfires, engine codes, etc.
  • He had dual Flowmaster 40 series mufflers installed.
  • Transmission shifts great. No slippage. Transfer Case goes into Low and back into High as it should.
  • Steering rack has leak.
  • Previous owner had the front diff upgraded to the 4 pin variant and new cv axles installed. CV boots aren’t leaking.
  • Interior is in ok shape. Front seats have rips in leather, but are currently covered by the carhartt custom covers.
  • Has a 12” Alpine Type R subwoofer in a QBomb ported box.
  • Sony Head unit is cracked and will need to be replaced.
  • Has newer Tundra 18” wheels with Patagonia M/T tires in decent shape.

Attached is the outside link to his Facebook Ad. I will add some undercarriage pics tomorrow.
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