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Aug 14, 2006
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I have a 1981 BJ44 with the compound wiper arm and have two questions. My spring is no longer creating tension against the windshield so I bought a set of replacement springs for the FJ40 and they are too long to create the correct tension. Also, I have never been able to find wiper blades to fit the arms.

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Question 1) if anyone has one of these compound arms, could you send me a picture of the spring on the underside that pulls the wiper blade into the windshield? I never had an oem one and want to see how it is shaped and how it sits in the wiper...

2020-10-19 09.12.31.jpg

Question 2) What is the width of the wiper arm on normal 40s here in the states? Every time i have tried to fit a US wiper it seems too narrow. My arm is 7mm wide and the raised retention thingy is 17 to 18mm from the end. Anyone have this issue before?

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