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Dec 18, 2020
Rio Rancho
I had posted on the aliases thread a while ago when Aaron told me about this forum and introduced me to this group.

My names Jacob Barry I'm a mechanical engineering student at unm. I've got a 2007 4th gen 4runner that's got 130,xxx miles on it. In December I did my first lift on it, did bilstein 5100s and OEM springs front and back. A few of you guys helped me figure out what springs would be best as I had some smaller rear springs than I should have had to start with.

I was born and raised here in , was in scouts my whole life and got eagle scout so needless to say I grew up loving the outdoors. Lots of back packing, hiking and camping. I enjoy riding mountain bikes and kayaking as well but haven't gotten out much recently due to college course load!

I'll be at the breakfast meeting on the 20th and hope to meet many of you all there!

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