I've searched but still can't find how to remove 80 trim pieces

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Jun 20, 2012
Moscow, Idaho
So my LC basically looks like this. I have searched on how to remove the trim pieces ( I wanna remove everything except the fenders) and have only found on thread which said there are two dowels that need to be removed. Is there any more info out there. How do I remove them? Is the paint underneath usually good enough as is or would I have to plan on repainting? Thanks guys.
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Anyone? I really wanna get these off. Did no one answer because there are a million posts about this? I swear I can't find anything!
I may have misunderstood what you meant by trim pieces. Were you referring to the 4 Wheel Drive side moulding instead of the flares?

If so most people use fishing line and "saw" them off. I bought a set of them for my cruiser and there were several dowels I had to cut off since there werent holes for them in my cruiser. So youll have to work around them. The paint should be good under them youll just have to clean the leftover adhesive.

Anyway sorry if I misunderstood.
Yea I am referring to that side molding. Thanks for the clarification. That is probably why I couldn't find anything as I was searching it out. Is the gray underneath the side molding just paint? It seems to be. The plan it to make it all white and have no moldings besides the flares. And so it is looking like all I need to do is remove those 4wheel drive moldings, patch the holes from the dowels, and paint? Thanks for answering I really appreciate it.
I ripped mine of, and exposed plastic retainers that secure, along with healthy butyl tape. After forced removal, cut the clips out, and bought an auto body eraser (fits in end of drill) to remove the tape.

Patching the holes isn't easy. I have 162 to patch, and it's turned out to be a PITA.

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