Is this too much rust

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Aug 31, 2020
Hello everyone! Been trolling for a while and in the hunt for GX470 but not many on the west coast under 200k in my price range.
Lots on the east coast though. My Q is how much rust is too much. Don't want to restore a frame and living in AZ don't see rust all that much. Please take a look as I'm struggling in my search.
Screenshot_20200830-174940_Samsung Internet.jpg
I have to say, that is a pretty terrible picture to try and judge how bad the rust is. But based on the picture, it doesn’t appear to be too bad. Do you have any other pictures? Maybe some of the frame, axles, etc.
I couldn't get a hold of the seller but enlarged some of what they sent.

Thanks for the reply and I truly appreciate the feedback.

Screenshot_20200831-170926_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200831-170849_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200831-170834_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200831-170712_Samsung Internet.jpg

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