Is it death wobble? (1 Viewer)

Apr 7, 2011
Can we take a moment to recognize the joints on that Jeep in the linked video were toast after only 21k miles. Hahaha
Hey now. I paused it while he was doing his impression of death wobble, and the joints made it a whole 22.5K miles, apparently. So given that I have about 215K on the LX, I guess I'm doing about 10x better! :p

In case anyone was waiting on updates, I'm going to have to get the truck to a shop once my other car is legally drivable on a daily basis again, and once I get it looked into by people who can disassemble a bunch of stuff on the front end, I'll report back to the class with the findings.

Alternatively, anyone in the North Dallas area want to come over and teach me some stuff in exchange for beer, appreciation, and some amount of money less than the shop would charge me? :beer:

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