Is BEB an issue for 1HD-FT

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Aug 5, 2016
Vancouver, Canada
I am getting conflicting information as to whether BEBs are an issue on 1HD-FT, and thus whether I should be considering replacing them on my 97 1HD-FT with 300,000 km on the clock. I just got the vehicle and do not know the history of the engine. However, it doesn't seem to make any unusual noises, and I pulled the valve cover off to replace the seal and the cam seems to be in great shape.
The BEB's are on the crank, not the cam. Certainly less of an issue with the FT, but I'll defer to others with more experience.

You will get a better response in the diesel section.
1HD-F big end bearings are the equivalent of the 1fz-fe headgasket paranoia.

Yes, they are a known weakness, particularly in early production years.
Toyota supposedly resolved it in the 1hd-t series engines with different shaped piston combustion bowls.

Having said that, there countless 1hd-t engines still running original 30 year old BEBs with 1/2 a million kilometres plus on them.

If you're worried, get an oil sample analysis done, ideally take a sample of the oil from the previous owner, so your first oil change, and follow up with the next oil change.

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