irene's Finest- This Saturday

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Jan 22, 2004
seeing how deadfall is falling apart, I want to wheel on Saturday. We went out on Monday and had a blast!!
2 lockers
2 doors-waggys are okay if you don't mind draggin your a** over stuff
1 good winch
road legal
you will probaly get some scratches and maybe a few dents
can camp at my house
any takers?
I need to get up there one of these days! Can't this time.
and- lunch at the Long Trail brewery
If I was not on Vacation at OBX, I'd be in. :beer:
i've been super busy lately, and was outta town this last weekend; and am in need of some trail time. would you possibly be up for some wheeling this coming weekend, Gary? if leebridge has his truck together, i'm sure he'd be down for some local trails and long trail brew pub action as well.
Next 3 weekends are full already- maybe aug 25 or the run Sept 8
both sound good to me! we'll chat closer to the 25th, and definitely the 8th of Sept. Until then.

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