Installing caster correction

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
Ok I'm getting ready to do the OME install and the caster correction. The only part that I'm fuzzy on is the correct positioning of the caster correction bushings.

I've got a shop lined up with a 20 ton press and Christo's press tool/jig.

Only question is - how to line up the bushings correctly? I looked at Christo's online instructions and I guess the easiest method for me would be to use the unmodified arm as a positioning jig. Question is:

When I set the arms on top of one another, what part of the arm do I line up? Something must end up in another position (otherwise why do this). Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it is and once it's on the bench it will be clear but..... I want to make sure that I understand how this should go together before I get the shop going on it.

Any advice? Who's done this? :banana:

Perhaps a short email/phone call to Christo would resolve but I thought I'd start asking here.

By way - Thanks again for the help today Dave, made it home just fine. ;)

good to hear. I probably did mine wrong but I used a straight line and med it so I had the maximum displacement and still be in a straight line from the frame pivot point. The old acme outfitters site had a write up on it. been a while so I dont recall the particulars.
Basically, you put the arm in the location angle wise it will be on when fitted to the car, laying on its side, so you can work on it, you then run a straight line through the bush centre of the bolt hole which should be at 90 deg to the horizontal, you do this with both bushes, to ensure the correct distance between the holes.

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