Install of Used Weber 38mm Carb / Desmog Advice

Oct 6, 2013
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hey folks,
On my 83 FJ 60 I've tore out the smog parts, capped all the necessary holes ( I think ) . and the Weber carb has been seated , linage hooked up BUT I'm looking for someone advice on missing and pieces I'm not sure of.
so obviously No HAI and HIC due to the Weber.
so questions will be with each picture:

( 1st pic ) I believe this is the VCV 1 for AI in all the Diagrams I see (Driver side below Carb fan) should be removed? ( 2nd pic) one of the vacuum hoses goes to this port on the manifold. If I remove the VCV , do I cap or let it vent?


Question 2:
This hose I'm holding in the pic goes the the charcol canister . is it supposed to hook up to the Weber Carb? from looking online there is a spot for it on mine BUT mine is plugged.

question 3,4,5: ( 2 PHOTOS )
Circle #1- Should I install the hose from previous question with canister hose to here?
circle #2 - I don't have an EGR port , can it be inserted on the Weber or am I out of luck?
Circle #3 - Idle cut off solinod is capped, Do I 100% need it? what happens if I don't install it?



Thanks in Advance to anyone that could take some time out to help finish this up!
Oct 6, 2013
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update on some of the questions I had : vacum line for the optional charcol canister line at the Carb , I bougtht a port and install it for so thats done. I also removed that VCV in the first question and will cap the tiny venting location.

just need some help / opinions with the EGR port missing and the fuel cut solinoid.
Mar 21, 2019
Outer Banks, North Carolina
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The EVAP line from the charcoal canister: Get a VTV and hook it between your distributor advance port and your carburetor. This keeps the EVAP from purging during idle.

Put a T-Fitting in between the carburetor vacuum advance port and your distributor. Run it to the VTV, which will allow and block vacuum to the canister

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