Input wanted on 3rd gen Multi-mode


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Sep 27, 2004
I am debating on picking up a 3rd gen, specifically 96-00 for my daughter. No 01/02 due to VSC stuff. I keep going back and forth between multimode and non-MM. Is it really desirable? If you have MM, do you wish you didn't? If you don't have MM, do you wish you did? Are the parts still available for the MM system should something go awry? What specifically comprises of MM? I am guessing there are sensors on all four wheels, what else?

My normal MO, like many on here, is to keep is simple. Thanks for the input.
Jan 6, 2012
Multi mode allows you to choose from 2wd, awd with a viscous, or 4x4. I love my multimode. The actuator can freeze up of it's never used. In awd my 4runner is better planted to the road. As soon as the roads get wet or slick I pop on awd. I'm selling my 4runner btw. It has a ECU that controls the actuator. You can't go from 2wd to awd if going over 60mph. Once in awd you can go over 60.
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