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May 20, 2010
Just wanted to take the time to say how stoked I am on the Diesel forum, you guys rock! I have a 1976 bj40 and have had it smokin a bit. Tried channeling the blowby, but it seems to be comin in from the tailpipe too. Rode around with a diesel buddy and he suggested replacing the injectors. Sounds like a good idea anyway cuz who knows the last time that was done... I am in southern California and was wondering if any of you guys know a good resource for getting some new/rebuilt injectors for the b engine. I'll also try that marvel mystery oil clean out and see if I can't get this baby runnin clean. thanks-Mayben
A diesel shop can do that for 200-300$ ... but don't know were in california.
source out / search for diaphragm 3b replacement .
then run a DPL /HDA fuel additive from BG (30 bucks) with full tank added to.

I'm not saying that injector replacement is not required on some , but , no mileage etc, we read minds

Yeah I hear what you are saying about the fuel additive and I am going to try that, but have read that high idle is an indicator of the diaphram needing to be replaced and mine is not idling high at all. It seems to run pretty smooth. Although I do have to replace the manual throttle control lever, it isn't working... so for now the injectors still seem to be a good idea. thanks
...source out / search for diaphragm 3b replacement ....MR

...that high idle is an indicator of the diaphram needing to be replaced and mine is not idling high at all. ...... thanks

Diaphragm replacement should be part of routine maintenance.

They are inexpensive.

So if you haven't changed it in the last 100,000kms (or have no knowledge of it having been changed in that period) .... I support the idea of changing it (as an ideal 1st step here) despite your not having a "high idle problem".

Get them rebuilt. Diesel's Fuel Injection Service in NH (Used to be Lakes Fuel Injection) does an outstanding job. I have had them do several sets of injectors over the years. Last set I had done for the 2H, the spec called for +- 25psi and I got them back and they tested within 10psi. Call or email for an estimate.
i just bought some from oz for my 47 and they were 50.00ea aus$. and shipped them here for another 65.usd. im in nj- so cally should be cheaper- HIFLO Fuel Injection check these guys out and ask for scott- they take paypal and do not need cores!-

good luck

X2 but I plan to start rebuilding my own within the next couple months. I think if you have more than one indirect injection diesel, it makes economic sense to get your own tester and the bits and pieces needed to do it.

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