Importing 85 pickup into Canada and Lift Problems (Un-lifting?)

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Mar 9, 2015
Hey people!

I'm thinking of getting myself a 1985 Toyota Pickup from the southern United States.

The problem is some say you can not import modified (lifted) vehicles into Canada.

The second problem is I would like to be able to park this in my Condo basement garage during the salty/snowy winters and the max height (at least that's what the sign says hahah) is 6'3".

Does anyone have a experience importing vehicles more than 15 years of age into Canada that are lifted?

Or, can anyone point me to a kit, if on exists, to de-lift/un-lift the car?
Sorry, I don't know how to lift a vehicle and I'm assuming I need the original leaf springs and other parts?

Thanks again for your advice and time!

Happy Holidays!!!

Kevin H.
A lot of it depends on how it was lifted. Body lift? Springs? Shackles? Did they convert the steering to crossover style?

Need pictures of the truck.
I have talked with a Canadian about this. I think the laws state that the vehicle can not be modified or on large tires... He said there was a guy near the border on the US side who specialised in "unmodifying" trucks for border crossing purposes... Basically swapping stock springs back in, or ratcheting the suspension flat to make it look shorter...

Maybe ask this question in one of the Canadian clubhouses here on Mud. :cheers:

Let me ask the seller these details, I'm still waiting on some standard used car questions to be answer
Thank you very much!



Great tip! Thanks so much!

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