Identify small oil leak and part #?

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Apr 12, 2010
I have done all the most common seals and shored up every leak except one. Can someone please identify what this is and a part number? Thanks to all!

Have you verified that the fluid isn't coming from above from either the power steering pump or hoses?’s right there where that little clamp and hose are. Nothing coming from above or around. Thought at first it was just left over from changing the oil filter. Don’t know the nomenclature for it.
Fluid looks reddish, like power steering fluid or ATF. However, I'm not familiar with this engine and its assorted hoses. Looks like it's way below alternator? Then my guess is transmission fluid line is leaking there.
IIRC, that is just a support for the transmission cooler lines, the rubber only protects the lines from the clamp, so nothing that would leak. I would clean it well with something like brake cleaner and see if it reappears,if it does is most likely running down from above.
I’ll be under it this weekend doing some maintenance and enhancements. I’ll definitely clean it up better and get some good light in there tonget down to the bottom of this! Much appreciated!!

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