Iceberg Paint Problem?

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Sep 6, 2013
South Shore Rhode Island
Hi all

Was wondering if anyone else has had problems with the paint.

When the truck was purchased had dealer apply some Simonize paint protection for 500 bucks. Seagull and red berry bird crap are common around here and that stuff is nasty. I've seen the stuff stain automotive finish if left on for more than a few days. So I got this stuff applied for the guarantee.

The finish is now starting to look like some kind of mutant snow leopard. Looks like water spots, but really deep into the finish, like stains.

Tried everything including clay bar and had no results. I'm now convinced it's either a paint defect, or more likely, that Simonize treatment.

That treatment has a 5 year guarantee. I think we may be testing exactly what that guarantee is good for.




Any ideas what's going on here?
Take it back to the dealer for a detail job, and if it is not perfect, then it's on him. John
That kinda looks like hard water stains. Did it get sprinklered on a sunny day maybe?
They buffed it and the spots are considerably lighter, though not gone.

Independant auto body shop said it's mineral based ****(c**p -tough filter;)) that has etched into the paint pretty bad.
Mostly industrial pollutants and salt given my proximity to the Atlantic Ocean 1/2 mile away.
Basically what happens is moisture forms on the truck overnight (dew) and the sunlight is literally magnified by each tiny drop until evaporated.
The single stage paint that is used on the truck is much more porous than most modern clear coat finishes. Subaru isthe worst offender with the single stage coating and Toyota is a close second according to the body shop owner. It's all about which manufacturer can boast about how green they are. He also advised against any more buff jobs because of the additional removal of coating with each buff. Said there's only like 4 mils thick coating when new and I'm probably down around 1 mil already.

I've got an '09 white Ford Ranger company truck that lives right next to my FJ. Absolutely zero evidence of anything like what's on the FJ. Nothing and it's exterior maintainence plan is a bath with the brutal Dawn dishsoap every 3 months followed by nothing.

I wish I knew about the single stage coating when I took delivery of the truck. Not saying it's necessarily bad, just different from modern clear coat finishes, with each having their pros and cons.

I was instructed explicitly to just wash the truck and don't apply any type of wax as the cleaners in wax would remove the Simoniz Glasscoat treatment.

Safe to say I'd have been waxing the truck had I known what I know now.

On top of the lightened spots I now have swirls and microscratches from the attempted removal of those stubborn spots.

Not sure what's going to happen next.

Mr. T claims to be on my side and is supposedly going after Simoniz. The stuff was applied at the dealership when new. We'll see.
My 2013 Iceberg white paint is trash.
Worst factory paint ever. I can polish it, wax it and 2 days later looks like crap again.

Toyota should have a recall on this.
Very poor quality.

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