I hate MicroSoft! Help?

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Dec 29, 2006
Got my new T61 back from Montreal last week after dealing with this useless piece of &^%$#$@&*! The first time I flipped open the lid from new I got a bloody error message. The tech they sent to me in Feb did a new install of Vista. Well he wiped it out and had me do the work. When that didn't work they had me send it back to Montreal for a new system board. Well, at least I can now shut the damn thing down. My current problem is getting MS Outlook to run. I know we have some techies in the club so I am begging for some idea.

The OS is Windows Vista (ya I know but didn't have a choice). The MS Office is 2003. All the updates have been done including SP3. Everything else seems to work fine except Outlook. I have done about 6 or 7 (lost count) uninstall and fresh installs. I have tried "detect and repair" about as many times. I have done the MSMAPI32.DLL fix. I have deleted all the data files and made new ones.

Any suggestions? Was up until past 2:00 AM trying to get it to work and then again at 7:30 AM until now. It is on its way to become a new anvil.
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Well, this is right up my alley, almost.

I do not use Outlook, never have.

Having said that, try Outlook express as a stop gap.
Having said that, try Outlook express as a stop gap.

The OS is VISTA, so there is no Outlook Express. The new program is called "Windows Mail". I might give it a go, but am afraid my contacts and emails won't transfer or things will become more buggered. Why our tech in Montreal selected Vista instead of XP on the set-up I will never understand.
free email at pirate4x4 as well :) I use that as the sacrificial lamb to cut down spam on my telus account. Not really helping your original question though. But your "techie" needs to start looking for a new job if he suggested using Vista over XP.
But your "techie" needs to start looking for a new job if he suggested using Vista over XP.

He didn't suggest it, he selected the damn thing when he first booted the new lap-top! :mad:

Just set-up Windows Mail in VISTA. No problems. It will get my e-mail but it won't allow me to import pst files. WTF! No way I am typing in hundreds of contacts. Damn thing is looking more and more like an anvil every second.
Thanks for the link Kim. I can't load Mozilla or any other software that our tech didn't put on the lap-top - organizational policy. I've given up and fired off an e-mail to my boss in Toronto who will speak to the Director of Admin in Montreal who will speak to our tech. There should be a solution by the time they are ready to upgrade the software and hardware again. Bloody stupid central purchasing and the idea that one tech in Montreal can service all the PCs across the country in addition to the servers in Montreal and Toronto. :censor:
Ah, organizational policy. Ya gotta love IT. :)

Does your organization have an email server that houses your personal mailbox, which should also house all of your contacts, calendar and the like?
Not for those of us in Regional Offices. All the staff in Toronto and Montreal access their mail, contact and files though a VPN. They run Outlook web based mail from the server. The Regional offices run everything from their PC hard drives. A development programs officer in the Congo has more access to software and data than I do in BC. :bang:
Thanks for the offer Jake. They wouldn't let me run 2007. I tried the OE on this desktop but it seems to have problems with my address book or I don't have a clue what I am doing (quite plausible). I think I will wait and see what the centre of the world decides. Its a good excuse for not getting my accounts sent to head office.;)

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