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Apr 21, 2005
Funny the windshield and top won't work on a 68 - 82. The top parts are 64 thru mid 65. The latch on the windshield is from the same years. Doors will work on the earlier corrugated top and windshield. The later post mid 65 top, doors and winshield are different and work best as a set earlier or later. This is missing the fiberglass top so it's not complete. The bib, hood and rear doors are easier to work with. But the barns doors hinges don't not match the ambulance doors hinges. I will say if someone was looking for earlier parts these seem to be in great shape.

I'll link this in the 25 section. Maybe someone bad east is looking for earlier parts.


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Nov 7, 2010
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Re: parts

Guy's I just spoke with the owners parents on this, [he was not home] but if enough of you want parts or want it all, but can't pick them up right now. I will go and pick it up and keep them here at my place till you can pick them up. He does not want to split up anything sell it all as a whole deal.


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