HZJ76 Question - Full Specs

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Oct 17, 2006
Chiang Mai

I am looking for detailed exterior dimensions for a HZJ76 Landcruiser, and other 70's series. Does such a site exist?

If nothing is available, I'll spend even more time with a 76/77 and tape measure, and happily remove an unnecessary thread from rotation

I have a body man that is willing to help me build my new, and hopefully used long into my retirement, overland camper. (finally) Not only that, but I have just bought a HZJ75 Fire Truck in Japan, and this could be parts or a base for a camper. Ha, it has all of 7,000 kms on this 98! I've been importing since the 90's, well bidding on 80's series late 2019 bought a 01 Hilux Surf that has been a great back road camper/base camp these past 2 years.

Thank you


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