Hows my new project FJ-40??

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Apr 7, 2003
Rehabilitate it man! Restore it. Get it street legal again that would be awesome. Keep the jungle theme going. If there is an engine in it I bet you could get it running. Talk to Mark Whatley I remember him talking about starting up cruisers that have been sitting for decades. :D
If the frame's good and you got the time...go fer it! I'm in bout 1.5yr on a frameoff '78:)

Yo Han
Take pics along the way during resto and you'll have the ultimate coffee table book. I agree with the jungle theme idea.
Yup, looks like the original engine. Hey, the block is rusted thru. I stood on the front bumper and it split. So ya think I can get it running?? Hmm, maybe if I start now my grand kids can finish it....heheheh

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