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Nov 12, 2008
Howdy, let me introduce myself

Want to start with a thanks to the community for such a great LC resource and Woody and the mods for running a solid forum.

I picked up my 94 about 2 years ago from my brother-in-law who bought it from the original owner (even have the original Toyota sales receipt). Its rolling at 166,000 right now and is easily the best vehicle I have ever owned. Until recently it was totally stock except for the wheels. Leather, wood trim, and stock lockers, beauty and brawn wrapped into one. Well the leather has seen better days but thanks to AATLAS1X that will be dealt with soon.

Afew weeks ago it got a bit of a face lift.


The PS rear flare fell victim to a "sorry I backed into your truck in the parking lot didn't see it there, but thank god you're not here so I can just leave" and the DS front to a " oh sorry I didn't see you driving up the road I was turning on to and hit your truck". Luckily the second accident paid for new suspension and an ARB.

So the flares came off and I picked up OME 850/863 springs and 73/74E shocks, a steering damper, and some CC busings from Slee. While I was at ARB will calling the parts I got lucky and they just happened to have a scratch and dent winch bar sitting in the front of the warehouse. They didn't want to put it away so I gave them some money and a hand loading it in the truck. Worked out for every one.


It got some new wheels at the same time because the rims the original owner had put on are 5.5" backspaced and the clearance to the steering linkage was a bit close for my comfort. I searched for some stock rims but couldn't find any so it got some black Procomp alloys.

The 285 Deuler Revos are new as of mid December. They seem like a great AT. So far they have mostly seen highway miles except for a brief foray at Reiter Pit on our way back from skiing at Stevens Pass.

I have #'s for the lift i'll post later. got to get to work now.

Here are a few more pics.


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Sweet ride! The next mod you need to do is your sig line. :)
DS front fender? Is that goo gone gone mad? Love the color combo btw and nice use of the insurance funds.
well that worked out nicely. good work!
DS front fender? Is that goo gone gone mad? Love the color combo btw and nice use of the insurance funds.

No goo gone. Its where I had a dent pulled after the accident. The body shop primed with thin layers of black and grey primer so speckles of black are showing through which makes it look almost silver unless you're up closer. The fenders are getting bed liner later this spring. Going to use the tintable U-Pol product and try and keep the color close.

Can't decide how high to go. Style 2 will cover all of the Primer.
any thoughts?

style 1 (follows stock lines)


Style 2, bit higher

oh yeah #'s

Hub center to fender measurements
Before : After
F DS 19.75 : 22.375
F PS 19.75 : 22.5
R DS 19.625 : 24.25
R PS 20 : 24.375

Net lift: F 2.75
R 4.375

Caster: before : DS 3.2 , PS 2.8
after : DS 1.1 , PS 1.3

I'm changing out the 863s for some 860s to bring the back down a bit should bring the caster closer to spec as well.
Style 1 unless I had a repaired fender/paint job to cover up which would necessitate style number 2.
Style 1


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