How Tough is a 60 Series?

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what do you all think would occur and happen if say a CHINISE Firm or shadow corporation style gig , overnight brought to the shores of California a spitting image of a extended wheel base 4dr FJ43 or Pick up FJ45L-RP / Troopy looking All Wheel drive GOLF CART on steroids , contraption ... ? \

And it sported a DIESEL Eco-type power plant

heavy duty composite body

real glass front windshield

roll cage bar of course

complete with a new idea ?

a cheesy version of a 3-point front and rear seat belts restraints that actually worked well years later because DRUNK and HIGH Americans never put one on , during ROUND-UP Weekend at the mountain top concert weekend before , so they did not know they were even tucked neatly still,in there weather type snappy zip pouches ...

it would even be called the new LAND JEEP by its off shore tin man exporter company

but , the china made decals stripes graphics that were So DAM LOUD , like Corsetiers are , that im obsessed for life

the decals badging TEXT says
" Land Cruizer " in all the familiar places ... :D

well it WILL: happen one day

You have a very interesting narrative. My English teacher would like you.
How tough is the 60 series, you ask?

I drove down into, across, and out of the mouths of MANY active volcanoes in my ‘88.

Only problem I had was melted bumper end caps. Easy fix.

I really miss that truck.
We're gonna need to see pictures of that!

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