How to use ELM327 on Win7/8

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Sep 18, 2014
west coast, us
STEP 1: Find the 16-pin diagnostic link connector, or OBD port in your car. It should be located in the passenger or drivers compartment, under the steering wheel, like this:

STEP 2: Turn on the Ignition key and then plug ELM327 Bluetooth scanner into the OBD port.

STEP 3: Click “Add a device” on your computer, and The Wizard will search for and display Bluetooth devices within range, including your ELM327 scanner.

STEP 4: Click on “CAN OBDII” (may also show up as “CBT”), and then click “Next” to go on.

STEP 5: Select “Enter the devices pairing code”, then “Next” and then input the pairing code that comes with your device.

STEP 6: It the pairing code matches, the Wizard will automatically connect to the obd2 scanner tool. Click “Close”, and your installation is finished.
Not really on the Windows topic, but at least on with the ELM...
Have you found a way to keep it paired? I wanted to use my ELM paired to my Droid phone for all the extra gauges "Torque" offers. I had no trouble pairing my Bluetooth ELM to my phone the first time. If I just leave it connected, it doesn't pair when I start my truck. I have to pull off the ELM, and reconnect it a few times, then my phone sees it.

Other posts have advised to NEVER disconnect or reconnect the OBD reader while the truck is running, so I guess I don't always follow advice that isn't what I want to hear. Then again, if there's an easy way to get them to pair every time, perhaps I'd do that. Anyone have thoughts about connecting the ELM after the ignition is on (per the OP) or while the engine is running (like I have done), or leaving it connected 24/7 (as I have tried)?

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