How to tell if timing belt has been changed?

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Jan 12, 2004
Central Virginia
Bought a 2004 with 86k miles on it. I am at 115k and got ready to do the t-belt. I notice is has a newer looking Mitsubisho (sp?) serpentine belt on it and all the nuts you would take loose to do the t-belt job have been wrenched on. Any ideas? I don't want to do the job if it was done at like 85k miles.
Can't help with at what mileage it might have been done, but I think I've seen on here that the belt should be changed every 7? years regardless of mileage (I think).... so if it was changed say in 2011 you would still have around 2 years left without worries?
Look around for a Mitsuboshi sticker. Mine is on the front of the engine cover but I imagine it could be anywhere. You can see the glue below from the prior replacement sticker which was done at 40k / 10 years according to my inherited service records. Wouldn't an original timing belt be Toyota branded?

The replacement t-belts come with a sticker that is supposed to go on the DS timing belt cover. Look on top of that or anywhere in the vicinity. My sticker on the radiator on the DS.
The serp belt is Mitso. Don't know about the brand of the T-Belt.
The serp belt is Mitso. Don't know about the brand of the T-Belt.

Oh I should learn how to read.... sorry - I would just take the cover off and look at the belt, at least to see if you can see what it looks like...
Yes. It is not listed in the service history as having been changed.
Pulled the drive's side inspection cover. It is not a Toyota belt. I couldn't really see the brand, but it said Made in the USA. Brand might have been NBR or NRB. Given this, I will wait to change. Even if they did it at 50K miles, I have a ways to go. Thanks for all the help.

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