How to run two sets of tires with different TPMS sensors and pressures.

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Apr 28, 2016
I've got a good set of road tires that can be run up to 44 psi. And I have some off road tires which I would run closer to 35. Neither of those is the TIRE STICKER recommended pressure. I have five wheels on the road set, including a full size matching spare. I have a 2007 LC with the A/B tire set switch in the glove box and the tire button on the driver left knee switch panel. How do I set two different sets of TPMS sensors with different tire pressures? Do I need to be able to adjust something through an ODB2 interface or can it all be done with the buttons?

Additional background info:
For the last week I've had a bad TPMS sensor in one of my road tires indicated by a solid TPMS light and confirmed with the TPMS reader used by tire techs at Kauffman tire. I got it replaced yesterday for $65 labor included. The tire techs could not get the light on the fan to go out by trying to register the new sensor by simply holding the TPMS button down until it blinked. They had to log into the ODB2 and reset it on the ECU.

Finally, does anyone know how to monitor TPMS readings in real time using Torque pro android app?
I only got a reply in this about the Torque Pro app. But I still have the question about the logistics of running bung two sets tires/wheels. I now have a second set of 5 wheels and tires in addition to my highway set. These beater tires have five brand new VDO brand new sensors with model numbers matched from the vdo website, SE10002A, to my 07 LC. I have tried two different tire shops who can program tpms sensors. Both shops can read all five sensors and set up the transfer with the ECU through the OBDII port. Both shops tried at least five times to send the tpms sensor IDs to the ecu and it failed every time. One shop, Kaufman, was using a NAPA brand TPMS computer and the other shop, discount tire, used a different brand I don't recall the brand. So my question is how do I get this second set of sensors programmed into the "2nd" TPMS slot per the glove box switch?

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