How to remove upholstery (headliner) from A Pillar?

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May 19, 2019
El Dorado Hills, CA
When replacing the windshield recently we discovered that on the passenger side A pillar of my '88 FJ62 there is a bit of rust that needs addressing. The scab is about 4 inches long and the hole is about 3/16" in diameter. The folks at CruiserCorp are sending me an A pillar that I'll have on hand for metal as we make the repair. My question has to do with the headliner that appears to be one solid piece from the roof down the A pillar. The headliner is in such good shape that I don't want to risk damaging it and was hoping that you guys could give me some info on how to unhook it from the pillar. I'd love to pull back the A pillar piece so that I can get good access to the metal.


I would warm the headliner with a hairdryer (and the metal) and use a 1-2" wide putty knife to see if you can lift the edge of the headliner where it meets the metal. You have nothing to lose - it may work, or it may not. I would work very slowly back and forth, loosening the entire section of headliner along the A pillar. You don't want to overheat or stretch the headliner fabric, if possible.
This video may assist:

The heat gun or hair dryer should work to relax the adhesive and allow to pull back the headiner material. Patience is your friend here.

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