How to remove 4x4 Labs tire carrier?

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Jun 10, 2016
San Antonio
Can anyone tell me how to take the tire carrier off of a 4x4 labs type rear bumper. It has the brass friction type bushing and I can’t get it to budge. I have removed the top cap and taken the allen screw out of the bottom spacer.

As it sits...
P.S. i know that’s not a Labs bumper. It’s a Labs tire carrier mounted on a IPOR rear bumper. Already tried a bfh with no movement.
I'm dealing with this on an early trail tailor bumper. One side came off no problem, just used channel locks to get that top bushing out. The other side won't budge. I even tried using my hilift Jack to move the whole arm up. I'm just going to soak it in blaster for a few days and try again.
So I have to remove the top bushing first. Alrighty. Yeah I’ve tried a jack in combo with a bfh. Haven’t tried heat yet and really don’t want to.
Can you still swing the thing open and closed? Assuming you can, move it back and forth while lifting. (might need to lift harder--like have someone else with a prybar while you move it side to side) It should gradually work its way off.
Tried to swinging and hammering. Also tried prying. Letting it soak in marvel mystery oil now. No movement. Just tearing up the bearing at this point.
I just hammered a chisel between the bushing lip and the spindle. It raised the bushing enough to get some pb blaster to hopefully run between the out side of the bushing and the insideof the spindle. Still can't budge the bushing with channel locks. Spray and wait....

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