How to price an overlanding rig

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To me it's way too expensive. The modifications are not that extensive. Plus overland vehicle would get a bit beat up and scratched up. 53K miles does not give me any additional value. I rather buy way cheaper and modify myself. Maybe somebody that does not know how to wrench and got COVID lockdown trauma will pay for that outrageous asking price.

The market is coming down again. Nothing wrong when People hear the market was going up and try to capitalize, but I think it passed already.
You can get a lot of car for $36k and not something from 2009. You can probably find a well suited 200 series Land Cruiser for that money and it would be a better truck. I feel for the owner and his situation, but that price is way to high for that rig. The thing about durability is that you can get one with 80k miles that will be just as reliable and last just as long for much less.

Seems he splurged and now will take the resulting loss. Who gets an expensive powertrain warranty on a truck that won't need it for 50k miles and one as reliable as the GX? I wonder if the warranty will be void due to the suspension work?

Check the book value and offer a slight bit more if you feel the mods are worth it. Cargurus is a good place to see the going prices.

Unfortunately it’s ~$15k overpriced. Nice looking rig but anyone should know it is a super rare occasion to get any money back from mods. It is an acceptable risk one must take. I would of paid $20k on the spot for it instead of buying my GX460 a few months ago.

When I sold my 2018 Dodge Charger R/T with about $5k in mods I was lucky to get 90% of my money back for the mods when I sold it. That almost never happens.
For that kind of money you could buy and build a 460 and still have money left over to fiddle with. Nice looking 470 but no way I would drop $36k on that thing.
I agree, but a no reserve auction in that crowd of Porsche/BMW buyers is likely the best he will get for it.
I agree, but a no reserve auction in that crowd of Porsche/BMW buyers is likely the best he will get for it.

True; frankly I'm surprised they went No Reserve but then again who knows what the motivation is or if there is some underlying item. In either case congrats to the new owner.

As far as pricing goes on modded vehicles I imagine a lot of it just boils down to marketing; hell, I damn near lost it when I saw a 2002 4Runner raffle for $32k on IG. Owner sold tickets at $160 a piece with 200 slots. Then he sold it only after all slots were filled before raffling it off. That's the way to go if you want your $36k!
No reserve auctions just do better. On eBay, GunBroker, and CarsandBids. Something to do with psychology, but I'm no expert.

Here are the recent market numbers for the older GXs from Car Gurus. Up 10% in some cases, but still not where he is putting it on CL...


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