How to get the glass out the "correct" way..???

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Dec 2, 2009
Tomball, Texas
whats the best way to get the old orginal windows out of the hard top old original window seals... without breaking the windows... I already broke one of rear door windows :-( and I don't want to break the larger rear panel windows or the curved windows
Just cut the gasket with a razor... stick it in between the glass and the rubber and cut around... window falls out. Now if you are trying to save the gasket that is another story...
I presume you want to conserve the old rubbers ....Theres a technique someone used where you would push out using some sort of sst, let me find it...
I will be trashing the gaskets, BUT, I will then need to put the glass and new gasket back it, so I'm assuming the same principle will apply for getting them in as taking them out.

The reason for this is I have some rust right up to the gasket on the inside and I want to make sure I get that rust stopped
Getting them in isn't that bad. Get some 1/4" nylon rope and some silicone spray. Put the gasket on the window then stuff the rope into the gap that the metal lip will go in leaving the 2 ends of the rope hanging out several inches. Spray all the rope with the silicone. Position the glass on the outside of the opening and start to pull one end of the rope out... this will lift the rubber edge up and over the metal lip. A little at a time and a little pressure from the outside, work your way around and then it is in. Search and you will find some better descriptions and pics.
Getting them out without cutting or breaking glass isn't hard either.

Have an assistant "catch" on the outside while you push the rubber from inside.

Start in a corner, and use a paint stick or something to help you gently get the rubber started (from the metal edge, not the glass edge). Once you have a couple of inches out, it goes quickly.

It helps if it's a warm day.

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