How to Center Front Axle?

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Jun 15, 2007
Hawaii Kai
I recently purchased a set of Alcan springs and as began my install I found my driver side spring hanger was bent slightly towards the passenger side. Because of this the sping pin is shifted towards the passenger side causing the entire axle assembly to be about 1.5" out from true center. My question is how do I fix this? There is not a track bar to help center the axle. Should I grind off the mount and then get a new one put on? This is the non shackle side of the front driver's side spring. Any information is appreciated.

I think I get what youre saying, but Im not 100% sure...
The whole assy. is off to the PS 1.5in?
Can you get any pics?
as far as finding center on your housing, you can measure from the center of the steering arms, and divide by 2 to get the CL of the housing, then measure between the frame rails and get the center from that and line the two up for a pretty good line up to see where youre at.
1.5in seems like a LOT for it to be off and sounds as if something needs correcting.
Im not a "pro" though, but its not something that Id let slide.

Sorry man...I guess that Im still a bit confused on whats happening. Im pretty SLOW, truth be told.


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