how the heck do I adjust the throttle position sensor?

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Mar 8, 2016
Costa Mesa, CA
so my 62 has had a high idles since I bought it in February. I've read all the posts and it sounded like it was the TPS that I needed to adjust. I bought a multi-meter a couple of weeks ago to do the job. Finally got the time this weekend to take apart the throttle body, clean it out, and replace some of the vacuum hoses. I took off the TPS to test the rotator on the inside and sprayed a little silicone spray to loosen it up. Worked like a charm. My problem is now when I put it back on the throttle body. I can't figure out the right way to adjust the TPS. I've read throw the FSM and put a gap tool where it indicates and then run the test.

So when it says turn clockwise to the point of "deflection", that means until there is no continuity...correct? So when I turn it so there is no continuity, do I then back it down a little? Do I want continuity?

When I did the adjustment per the FSM, I then started the truck (without re-attaching air filter, air-flow meter, etc) idled high and when I would hit the gas it would die. Is that because I didn't completely re-assemble or because the TPS was not set correctly?

This is my daily driver so I need to get this figured out by tomorrow night.....any advice or step-step directions on how best to adjust the TPS would be greatly appreciated.

yeah it won't run for poop with the intake plumbing loose. yes, point of deflection would be right where the scale changes or drops out- a change in your previous value is a deflection...I don't think it needs to be turned back after turning to the point of deflection, IIRC. put your hoses back on and tighten them before trying to change your settings again.
Thanks. What a pain in the a$$ having to re-assemble every time. I should've just manually adjusted the idle.

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