How low is too low voltage at the busbar?

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JDM Journeys

Aug 24, 2019
Calgary, AB
91 1HZ 24V

I'm chasing a white smoky cold start. Seeing 25v and change across batts in resting state, but only 22v at the busbar on initial glow. Is this enough loss to affect a cold start I wonder? Warm starts are smokeless, and timer seems to be functional, ie full blast for about 7 seconds then drops to 14v for secondary...

Manual says 24v...
I doubt 2V is going to make a difference with your glow plugs.

However, if you want to isolate the glow plugs to see if they are causing your smoky start, you could just try a double or triple glow before cranking. This would isolate the glow plugs but yet keep the rest of the truck and engine cold. A triple glow would create way more heat around the cylinders than 22V vs 24V would create.

If it still smokes after a triple glow, it's not a voltage drop issue.

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