How is the 60/62 market right now?


Jun 30, 2003
I am thinking of ditching the my girlfriends jetta and the payments that come with it and get into another FJ62

What do you think a decent truck (NE truck) with 150k is worth given the market right now? In the $4k range? I know there will be those of you that found your bargain for $2k or whatever but seriously... We have 3 cars right now. I want her to sell hers, she wants to keep it. If we sold it and got this, at least we would not be making payments on something sitting around and then I can sell it to one of you cruiserfreaks if it turns out is just sits...
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Nov 26, 2004
Where are you located? Location has lots to do with it. How would you rate the overall condition, what is the history?

Form what I've seen after 2+ years, is there is a large disconnect between what sellers think they can get and what anyone wants to pay. Most of the 62's I've seen have sold for $4500+ with over 200,000 miles, up to $7-8,000 in very good condition with less than 150,000 miles.
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