How high is too high?

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Feb 12, 2006
I have had a OME kit on for a good while and BDS torsion bars(OME were not available back then) but just installed a Slee
diff drop.I ask my shop to raise it even higher( which now the seam
at the bottom of the body is level at the front and rear).It was my fault as I thought I could make it level and eliminate the front rake
that the 100 series has.It measure 19"from the ground to the seam
and I am running 265/75-16's.I jacked the vehicle up and the tires
began to lift off the ground at 2".I know that is not enough down travel.What is a good gauge I can tell my shop to use as to how high
is too high?Measurements or whatever .

I will post some pics.


After installing the OME lift ie. Torsion bars, shocks, springs and diff drop, I decided to level the front and back like you. The result was not good in regards to handeling on the highway. The front end felt bouncy and quick turns or lane changes felt un-controlled. Not sure how else to describe it.

Christo Slee has recommended a one inch difference between front and back for the 100 series. I lowered the front 1" below the rear and the truck handels much better on highway and off.

In earlier threads others have recommended measuring from top of the wheel rim to the bottom of the fender lip as the best way to measure lift. I got 1.5 in. of lift although others on this fourm have gotten more.

It took a couple of trips to the shop to get the torsion bars adjusted to where I felt I had the best compromise between lift and handeling. Adjust, drive it and then adjust again. But don't wait too long to get the front end aligned after you settle on the lift that works for you.

Hope this helps.

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