How Do I Jet A Carb??



I have an '85 FJ 60, all stock less emissions. It has been running very rough since my move to Iowa (500ft elev.). I looked in the carb and I have a 200 1st main jet, a 147 2nd main jet, a 65 1st slow jet and a 90 2nd slow jet. Are these any good for my conditions?? ?? ??? It seems to run very rough and very rich.
My '80 FJ40 has only a 162 1st main jet, a 144 2nd main jet and a 60 1st slow jet. It runs great. :-[
Oct 31, 2002
Kennett Square
You may have answered your own question. And as Gumby says it is a change out and reading the plugs operation. If it were me (and since jets are cheap) I'd probably take the delta between where you are now and where your FJ40 is (since its running fine) and get jets in 1/4 increments. For example your running a 200 1st main. Get @ ~190, 180, 170, and 160. Repeat with your other jets. Since you have to start somewhere and knowing what your 40 is running....I'd probably split the baby first, run it and read the plugs...and decide whether you need to go up or down from there.

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