How do I blend in paint & clear (1 Viewer)

Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
My wife's 02 4-runner has a few scuff marks on the bumpers that go down to the plastic... How can I get the paint/clear coat to blend-in these pacthes without having to sand down, paint & clear the whole bumper? Do I have to do the whole bumper to make it all look "even"?

Hopefully my question makes sense... thanks, ML
Mar 10, 2007
Take some relatively wide masking tape and frame the spot you plan to clear. When you are applying the tape, stick half of it's width down, and fold the rest back on itself. What you have done is create a curved "edge." This way, there won't be a definite tape edge between clear levels. If done well, it can be almost unnoticeable even without buffing.

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