How can I tell if I have a security/ remote entry system?

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Mar 31, 2013
Bend, OR & Dallas, TX
How can I tell if I have a keyless entry on my 95 LC? I have read everywhere and it seems that the RS3000 ECU would be under the drivers seat, but there is nothing under there that I can find? I really want a keyless entry but what are my options?
If it's not under the driver's seat, I'm gonna guess that you don't have it.

There are some aftermarket alarm system threads here. I'd recommend going that route rather than retrofitting factory if only because of the extreme cost and relative rarity of the rs3k fobs at this point.

That and rs3k fobs are too easy to set off in your pocket. I might have to pop mine open and put a little tape over most of the contact area so that i have to press harder.

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